Teacher’s Training

Ida Rieu believes that teachers play a crucial role especially in the development of special children. Therefore, teachers are provided with continuous training and development opportunities to equip them with the current teaching skills. All teachers have to undergo regular training in their respective fields.  This training leads to greater command and confidence in Ida Rieu’s teachers.

In-House Training Programs

In-house training for braille, mobility orientation, speech audiology and sign language for teacher are on-going mandatory programs for teachers. Recently, trainings have been conducted on the following topics:

  • Importance of Pre Braille Skills
  • Duxbury Braille course
  • Performance problem of deaf children
  • Communication problems of deaf children
  • Mechanism of Ear Communications
  • Concept and Importance of Speech Therapy
  • Exercises of Lip Movements
  • Mouth & Tongue exercises
  • Signs of basic Islamic concepts

Sign Language Enhancement Course with FESF

An 18-week training program was conducted by the trainers of Deaf Reach Program at IRWA to enhance the Sign Language skills of IRWA teachers. Both organizations shared their best practices related to academics as well.

Duxbury Braille Course

We were approached by the Institute for Development Studies & Practices (IDSP), Baluchistan for providing training assistance to their organization for Special Education in Quetta. A comprehensive 20 days training program was provided to them. The objective of this training program was to enable the participants to transcribe normal books in Braille format through a braille Embosser.