Vocational Training

Ida Rieu lays great emphasis in helping a “Special Person” become a useful member of the society and trains them to be self-supporting in their future life. It believes in imparting such skills that can help them become an earning member of the family. It therefore provides in-house “Vocational Training” in the following fields:

  1. Teaching
  2. Computer Skills
  3. Telephone/PABX operator
  4. Book Binding
  5. Music (singing + playing instruments)
  6. Tailoring and Embroidery (only for Deaf students)

A number of our ex-students are successfully pursuing their careers in the above mentioned fields after having been trained from Ida Rieu.

Due to increase in the demand for computer training, an additional computer lab has been set up for deaf students at the Panjwani Complex.

Hussaini Blood Bank Training Program

Hussaini Blood Bank offered an excellent training opportunity for our Deaf students as Lab Technicians. Four students of Ida Rieu (3 females and 1 male) were selected for this program.

This is a one year training course leading to a Diploma certificate. Successful trainees will be hired by the Hussaini Blood Bank at market competitive salaries.