There are 2 purposely built, well equipped and spacious hostels within the Ida Rieu premises: Sarah Mujahid Hostel for Girls and Infaq Foundation Hostel for Boys. These hostels are furnished with the C.C.T.V.s so that the students can enjoy the television programs and can also read the books of their choice in large prints at their leisure time.

Sarah Mujahid Hostel for Girls

This fully furnished and comfortable hostel caters for free boarding and lodging for about 50 female blind students. These visually handicapped female students either come from out station or from distant locations where commuting to school on a daily basis is difficult. The hostel has full time attendant and every effort is made to provide a safe, neat and home like environment to students.

Infaq House Hostel Boys

Similarly, the Infaq Foundation Boys Hostel caters to the boarding and lodging requirements of male blind students who do not have any base in Karachi.  The hostel has full time attendant and accommodates about 70 boys on a free of cost basis.