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Dr. Panjwani School-College for the Blind

Shirin Keshani School-College for the Deaf

Sarah & Mujahid Hostel for Girls

Infaq Foundation Hostel for Boys

Hostel and Dining Complex

Irfan Mowjee Vocational Centre

Hatim Alavi Memorial Braille Library

Sultan Ali Campus for the Blind, Rashidabad

Turning Disability into ABILITY!

Our Vision

To assist in developing a society where all blind and deaf members are fully integrated into schools, communities, and places with equal opportunities and benefits.

Our Mission

To nurture the intellectual and social skills of the special children and enable them to cope with all challenges through education and training.

Happenings at Ida Rieu

Soft Opening of Sultan Ali Campus, Ida Rieu School for the Blind, Rashidabad

 IRWA has started its operations at Sultan Ali Campus, Rashidabad by launching classes Montessori to grade 2. Additionally, a special class for adult blind students will be started soon. For further details, please contact our Public Relations Officer at 03062861647 or email us at contact@idarieu.org

Our Distinguished Visitors

“What a nice school! How wonderful it is to be with you my sons and daughters! Always be happy and cheerful. Never curse your fate. You can do everything in this world.”

Helen Keller’s message to the students of IDA RIEU when she visited the School in 1956.

Helen Keller

I am highly impressed to see what Ida Rieu is doing for the handicapped. Your selfless devotion to the cause will always be whole heatedly supported by me.”

President of Pakistan

(February 2003)

General Pervez Musharaf

“On visiting the splendid building of this institute and its various sections in which the children are studying and those persons whose hearts are full of devotion and dedication towards the cause of serving the humanity I got truly impressed.”

President of Pakistan (February 2000)

Muhammad Rafiq Tarar

Support Us

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” 

With the support of our generous donors, we strive to give brighter future to our Special Children and help them attain their full potential. Your donation of any amount would be a great help in reaching this goal.

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