Stars of Ida Rieu

Muhammed Nasar Iqbal (Blind)

Muhammed Nasar Iqbal, a brilliant student of blind section, secured 1st Position with A-One Grade in the Board of Secondary Education Karachi in 2014 with 714 marks out of 850.

Salman Shafiq (Blind)

Salman Shafiq, aged 22 years, was admitted in 2004 in a special class as he has missed regular schooling. He passed his Higher Secondary Examination from Karachi in 2013 securing 62% marks with B-Grade. He is the first student of Ida Rieu who is doing a Diploma in Software Engineering from the Aptech Institute.

Shahabia Mehmood (Blind)

Shahabia Mehmood, aged 22 years, passed her B.A. with distinction. She secured 1st position among all Blind Students from the University of Karachi in Final Examination 2014.

Tehsin Abdul Ghaffar (Deaf)

Tehsin Abdul Ghaffar, an outstanding student of Deaf High School secured 977 marks out of 1100 with an A-One grade of 88.81% in the 2013 Annual Examination on Inter Arts.

Faiza Rauf (Deaf)

Faiza Rauf was awarded a Gold Medal in “All Pakistan Art Competition” held on 21st September 2013 in Islamabad. The topic of Art poster competition was “Recycling”. This was organized by the Science Foundation of Pakistan.

M. Nasir